MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes backs Ronan Farrow

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As MSNBC’s parent network accused its former reporter Ronan Farrow of spreading a “conspiracy theory” about rape allegations against former NBC “Today” anchor Matt Lauer, one of the network’s names is speaking out in support of Farrow.

  • Chris Hayes, who hosts “All In” daily on the cable channel, summarized the situation using the concept of “path of least resistance.”
  • “In fact, the insidious destructive force of the path of least resistance is everywhere you look. Heck, I feel the tug of it myself as my own news organization is embroiled in a very public controversy over its conduct,” Hayes said on the Monday, Oct. 14, 2019, edition of his show.
  • Hayes also points out that after Ronan Farrow left the network after execs said the Harvey Weinstein story lacked sufficient sourcing, within two months it was published by The New Yorker.