NBC reporter’s tweet about COVID breakthrough cases causes Twitter storm

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An NBC reporter is under fire for a misleading tweet headline that fails to put the number of “breakthrough” COVID cases in context.

NBC News’ Ken Dilanian tweeted “Exclusive: At least 125,000 vaccinated Americans tested positive for Covid” July 30, 2021, along with a link to a full story by Laura Strickler.

In the preview of the article below, the headline was a bit tamer: “Breakthrough Covid cases: Data shows how many vaccinated..” appeared as the truncated headline for desktop users, along with text clearly stating the data shows that 125,000 figure is only 0.08% of the 164.2 fully vaccinated Americans.

However, there’s always the question of who reads behind the “first” headline — and the effects that 125,000 figure could have as Americans start slinging it around in conversation and debate online and in person without understanding the full context.

Dilanian was called out on Twitter by multiple users for emphasizing misleading and dangerous information at a time when vaccine hesitancy and anti-vaccine movements are be fueled by “data,” many of which are false or taken out of context.

None of the data Dilanian was factually inaccurate and Strickler’s article gave more context to the story.

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