NBC’s Snapchat show originating from Parkland

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NBC News’ daily Snapchat newscast “Stay Tuned” will originate from Parkland, Florida:

  • Anchor Savannah Sellers will speak with the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, following the devastating shooting earlier this month
  • Sellers will meet with returning students to discuss how they’re coping with going back to school for the first time time and with student activists to discuss how they will campaign for serious gun reform in Washington
  • Sellers will host today’s afternoon show from the high school and will sit down for a roundtable discussion with a handful of students following their first day back
  • She will also appear on the program with additional segments throughout the week
  • Viewers can watch this morning’s episode in the app, featuring Savannah’s discussion about what happens to school buildings after a shooting or attack