Netflix (finally) gives users the choice to turn off autoplaying previews

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Netflix appears to have finally listened to customer feedback and has given subscribers a way to disable one of the “most hated” features of the service.

There’s a new setting under user preferences that allows users to disable “autoplaying” of previews while browsing through Netflix screens on any device.

The new setting is available via the account settings page under “manage profiles” and turning off the “autoplay previews while browsing on all devices” option.

It’s worth noting the setting will take affect on all devices whenever you are using that profile. So, you can’t have it enabled on your Smart TV but then turned off on your phone or tablet (but it seems like most people wouldn’t care).

Likewise, you’ll also need to make this setting up on each profile on your account including the “Kids” one if you want to get rid of the autoplaying preview feature for everyone who uses your Netflix account.

This will put a stop to those annoying blasts of audio as you navigate around the user interface — but you’ll still see, in most cases, a still from the show or episode to help you get an idea of what it’s about.

Netflix has had the option to turn off autoplaying the next episode in series for some time, though this feature is decidedly more useful, especially for binge watchers.