‘NewsNation’ morning show shares a name with a Reagan campaign ad

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As Nexstar prepares to launch “Morning in America” on its little watched NewsNation channel, some noted that the show’s name has an interesting similarity to a notable Republican campaign ad series.

Officially known as “Prouder, stronger, better” but more commonly known as — you guessed it — “Morning in America,” this campaign was used in Ronald Reagan’s 1984 presidential campaign.

The campaign garnered considerable attention both from the public and advertising industry leaders.

The commercial actually used the line “It’s morning again in America” — but it was commonly shortened to just the three word version.

During the 2016 campaign season, several prominent GOP candidates attempted to invoke the spirit of the campaign by referring the phrase in speeches.

The Lincoln Project, a PAC lead by former and current Republicans formed to prevent Donald Trump and other right wing candidates from winning in the 2020 election also used the name “Mourning in America” and “Mourning in” followed by various state names in ads related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

NewsNation’s use of the tagline — which could be coincidental — is nonetheless interesting in that the network has gone out of its way to deny it is biased, despite having fired a former Fox exec to help launch the network, a former Fox host and shifting primary co-anchor Joe Donlon to an analysis show that discussed American exceptionalism in its debut episode.

Reagan’s policies around deregulation and economics are blamed by some for the creation of the ultra wealthy as many American families struggle financially. Others, however, maintain the policies were necessary to help businesses grow and be able to hire and retain workers.