NewsNation planning ‘Truck Week’ to examine industry and its challenges

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Nexstar’s NewsNation will be hitting the road with an all-new series of stories from the eyes of the American trucker for “Behind The Wheel: Truck Week” starting April 18, 2022.

NewsNation will take an in-depth look at the industry that is driving America — moving more than 72% of the nation’s goods.

The industry has garnered recent attention due to driver shortfalls and supply chain shortages as well as high-profile blockades and protests helmed by drivers at multiple border entry points and in American cities over issues ranging from COVID-19 vaccination requirements to increased inspections imposed by Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

These are the real stories about the dedicated people who are helping to drive the American economy by delivering goods and creating new job opportunities, the network said in its announcements. Viewers will get a behind-the-scenes look at what life is really like on the road for a trucker and get a preview of the newest technology that will steer trucking into the future.

“NewsNation is proud to take a moment and send a ‘trucker salute’ to the men and women who keep our country moving, even through challenging times,” the announcement reads.

On Wednesday, April 20, NewsNation will also be releasing its latest poll with Decision Desk HQ with topics including COVID, supply chain and Truckers.

Here’s a summary of the coverage planned for “Truck Week”:

  • April 18, 2022: The Importance of the Trucker to the American Economy: NewsNation’s Kelsey Kernstine takes viewers behind the scenes to see the challenges Americans face through the eyes of the trucker. As consumer demand for fast delivery grows, we ask truckers how job shortages, inflation and gas prices are impacting the country.
  • April 19, 2022: Truckers Wanted: Job Crisis: Truck drivers are the backbone of American transportation infrastructure, but the industry faces a growing job crisis. NewsNation’s Nancy Loo looks to uncover why it’s hard to recruit and explores topics such as having more women and teens behind the wheel.
  • April 20, 2022: Life on the Road: NewsNation’s Brian Entin goes on the road from North Carolina to Pennsylvania to understand the life of a truck driver. He speaks with truckers about challenges on the road — from lack of parking to fatigue and loneliness — sharing stories from those who work behind the wheel.
  • April 21, 2022: Truckers Get Rich: Trucking can provide a comfortable living after only a few short years on the road. NewsNation’s Nancy Loo reports on the financial aspects of this lucrative industry.
  • April 22, 2022: The Future of Trucking: As technology advances, and self-driving vehicles become more of a reality, NewsNation’s Markie Martin reports on what trucking may look like in the future. Reporting from a 70 mile ride in a driverless tractor, he looks to uncover how the industry can embrace technology to compete with companies like Tesla.

While these descriptions, which were provided by NewsNation, are meant as broad summaries, it remains to be seen how the network, which bills itself as balanced and bias-free, will address differing viewpoints of the trucking industry — such as those who have pointed out various issues including its environmental impact and safety record.

None of the announced reports appear to be focused on the blockades and protests either even as common hot-button topics such as gas prices and labor shortages often cited by right-leaning networks are directly mentioned.