No, CNN was not tipped off of Roger Stone arrest — it was good old fashion journalism

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Not long after CNN’s exclusive video from outside of Roger Stone’s Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, home hit the airwaves, right wing media and conspiracy theorists were already speculating that the network had been “tipped off” about the arrest.

  • That’s simply not true, however, explains CNN producer David Shortell.
  • The truth is good, investigative journalism and observation was behind CNN being on scene when Stone was arrested.
  • CNN journalists had noticed “unusual” activity at Robert Mueller’s office Thursday, which is a day earlier than the grand jury typically meets.
  • At the same time, other signs from sources were indicating that Roger Stone could be involved in whatever was transpiring.
  • So, CNN sent a crew to Stone’s home in Ft. Lauderdale and “camped out” in front waiting for something to happen.
  • Therefore, the network had a crew ready to go when the FBI showed up with arrest Stone.