OAN is running this disclaimer before the MyPillow guy’s ‘docu-movie’

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

Far right leaning One America is running a one minute, 20 second disclaimer before MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell’s infomercial that makes baseless claims about voter fraud.

Before the infomercial airs, the network shows a black screen with white type that, among other things, notes the “program is not the product of OAN’s reporting.”

Running disclaimers that infomercials (or “paid programming” as it is also known) do not represent the views of the network or station airing them is common — but they are typically much briefer and don’t go to this level.

OAN’s disclaimer is so detailed it specifically states the network is not endorsing or adopting claims made against U.S. Dominion Inc. and Smartmatic USA Corp. as well as Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger or elections official Gabriel Sterling.

Even more specifically, the disclaimer, which is also read by an announcer, also reads that “statements and claims expressed in this program presented at this time as opinions only and are not intended to be taken or interpreted by the viewer as established facts.”

Immediately following the opening disclaimer screen a graphic zooms on screen proclaiming the program as “Mike Lindell, Mary Fanning and Brannon Howse present the docu-movie: Absolute Proof: Exposing election fraud and the theft of America by enemies foreign and domestic.”

Conservative media has been battling with how to handle its own on air hosts’ statements about companies such as Dominion and Smartmatic. Many started running extended “correction” packages.

However, that hasn’t stopped Dominion and Smartmatic from suing Fox networks and Newsmax, as well as specific individuals over claims of rigged election equipment.

There is no evidence to support that either company contributed to any fraud or miscounting of votes.

OAN has escaped a lawsuit so far, but many suspect one or both companies will sue OAN soon.