Republican fundraising email running poll on a Tucker Carlson candidacy

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A National Republican Congressional Committee email being sent out to supporters appears to attempt to suggest that Fox host Tucker Carlson might be running for political office of some kind and offers recipients a chance to vote in a poll — and make a donation, of course.

Sent out with the NRCC logo, the email breathlessly asks “Did you hear that Tucker Carlson is headed to Iowa this summer to headline a big political event?” It appears to source that news to “CBS2,” though it’s not clear which station, in particular, is being referenced since there are multiple stations with that name or branding in the country.

The email doesn’t mention what event Carlson will be attending or what role he will have at it, but adds in bold, italic lettering: “Is Tucker Carlson running for office?”

“Well, we aren’t sure,” the email admits, “but we wanted to reach out to top Conservatives like you, and see if you would support a Tucker Carlson candidacy.”

There’s then a box labeled as an “official poll” that poses the same question with buttons labeled “Yes!” and “No!” and “Take the poll,” apparently in case it wasn’t clear what “yes” and “no” mean.

“We can’t wait to hear your response,” the email continues. Clicking the links lets users participate in the poll, but like with similar email marketing sent by candidates from all parts of the political spectrum, is really just a glorified way to disguise a request for donations.

There hasn’t been any news that Carlson would consider a run for any office, nor does the email directly claim he is. In many ways, Carlson arguably has more power and money in his current job — so a run for public office doesn’t seem likely.

Fox personalities have appeared on stage at political campaign events in the past. That’s raised eyebrows because despite most of their political leanings being blatantly clear and that they host primetime commentary shows, allowing hosts who appear on a channel with the word “news” in its name at such events raises a myriad of ethical questions.