Rest in peace, ‘Megyn Kelly Today’

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After days of speculation and reports that Megyn Kelly would leave her morning talk show (or the network altogether), NBC has officially confirmed “Megyn Kelly Today” “will not be returning,” an NBC rep told USA Today.

  • The network didn’t officially use the word “cancellation,” but the statement all but formalizes that notion.
  • According to other sources, Kelly remains on NBC News’ payroll but is reportedly negotiating an exit.
  • At stakes is a reported $23 million a year, three-year deal Kelly signed with NBC in January 2017.
  • Her Sunday night newsmagaine “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” failed to attract viewership and is essentially on hiatus.
  • Meanwhile, her weekday morning talk show, that took over the “Today’s Take” hour of “Today” at 9 a.m. eastern, also has failed to attract large audiences.
  • NBC also confirmed to USA Today that NBC will fill next week’s 9 a.m. timeslot with an additional hour of “Today” — with unspecified members of the normal anchor team hosting.

By the way, in case you’re questioning the graphic above, we’re giving “Megyn Kelly Today” the benefit of the doubt and counting her two final reruns as part of her show’s lifespan.