Robin Roberts taking extended time off from ‘Good Morning America’

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Robin Roberts is taking an extended leave from “Good Morning America,” with Aug. 19, 2021, being her last day until September.

She signed off “GMA” while the show played “See You in September” and also bid farewell (at least for now) to fans on social media.

It appears Roberts will using the time as an extended vacation from work, probably spending some quality time with family and friends. The anchor has been through a lot — included medical leave for various rare medical conditions over the years.

All of her post indicate she’s planning to return to the show “in September” but did not give an exact date.

It’s not uncommon for prominent news anchors to take time off in the late summer. August was once considered a “slow” news month, though that’s not really the case anymore.

It’s also a good time for anchors to take so they can be refreshed for when networks launch their fall television shows. Although news programs don’t have “season premieres” in the same way comedies and dramas do, there’s still often a significant amount of effort that goes into cross marketing and branding all of a network’s offerings as new seasons kick off.