Savannah Guthrie responds to viewer’s complaint about her hair styling during pandemic

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NBC News “Today” co-anchor Savannah Guthrie gracefully admitted her home hair and makeup jobs aren’t exactly what fans might expect after a viewer called her out for an “unkempt” appearance on Twitter.

A user listed as Susan Soltero wrote “Cmon (sic). With what they pay you, can’t you afford a hair stylist? I love the natural unkempt look but its (sic) distracting on @NBCNews national news.”

Guthrie replied by acknowledging she, like many other broadcasters, are doing their own hair and makeup due to the coronavirus pandemic — “And yes it shows!” she tweeted.

Many medical experts have noted that having someone else give you a haircut or do your makeup is inherently a more risky choice when it comes to spreading COVID-19 since it involves, by definition, close contact with the head and face.

Guthrie also has been broadcasting from her upstate New York home almost every day since March 18, 2020, after reporting cold like symptoms — meaning she does not have acc

Her co-anchor, Hoda Kotb, has said she’s been doing her own hair and makeup despite anchoring from studio nearly the entire pandemic. Kotb has noted that NBC has stopped providing hair and makeup services to on air talent due to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, other Twitter users called out Soltero for her negative attitude over beauty and image and defending Guthrie.

Guthrie and Kotb both participated in a 2014 edition of “Today” where no one wore makeup (Kotb, however, was only hosting the four hour alongside Kathie Lee Gifford at the time; with Matt Lauer still the main co-anchor beside Guthrie).