Season 2 of Anderson Cooper’s ‘All There Is’ coming Nov. 29

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CNN Audio has announced that Anderson Cooper will continue a series of intimate and deeply personal discussions about grief in a second season of his podcast, “All There Is with Anderson Cooper,” premiering Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023.

Cooper began the podcast in 2022 while emptying out his mother Gloria Vanderbilt’s apartment after she died.

He found himself going through boxes of her things, and his father and brother’s belongings, who died decades earlier. An unexpected discovery in one of the boxes this year motivated him to begin a new series of conversations.

In Season 2, Cooper continues to try to understand his own feelings of grief in all its complexities, and in moving and honest discussions, learn from others who’ve experienced life-altering losses.”All There Is with Anderson Cooper” is about the people we lose, the people left behind, and how we can live on – with loss and with love.

Special guests this season include President Joe Biden, The New Yorker’s Amanda Petrusich, best-selling author Nicole Chung, and others with extraordinarily moving and powerful stories and experiences.

“The last few months have been a revelation to me in terms of my understanding of grief and loss and the need to reach out to, and learn from, others who are living with it,” said Cooper in a statement. “We don’t talk enough about grief, I certainly haven’t. Maybe we don’t know what to say, or it’s painful, or we’ve buried it so deep we can’t even allow ourselves to feel it. Whatever the reason, I hope these conversations are helpful to people. They have been for me, and I am grateful.”

“All There Is with Anderson Cooper” will debut new episodes on Wednesdays and will be available to listen wherever you get your podcasts.