See CBS reporter’s mother’s text to him after seeing him almost get blown away by Hurricane Florence

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CBS correspondent David Begnaud’s mom wasn’t happy to see him almost get blown away by wind on national TV.

  • Begnaud, who is on the ground in North Carolina appeared on the “CBS Evening News” from a live shot location on Radio Island, N.C.
  • During the segment, Begnaud can be seen struggling to stand (just like his counterpart Gadi Schwartz of NBC, who was stationed nearby).

  • Later that night, at 10:35 p.m. local time, Begnaud received a text from his mother that he tweeted.
  • “Why are you always in the worst location?” she asks him.
  • “I just watched your evening piece and “JUST DONT GET IT (sic) followed by five emojis.
  • When Begnaud tweeted a screen capture of the text, he added “I knew it was coming. A text from MOM. Goodnight.”