Talk show host wonders what’s going on with Tucker Carlson’s hair

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Talk show host Wendy Williams pondered Tucker Carlson’s hair during a segment on African-American actors’ call for hairstylists experienced in styling their hair.

  • The segment started with a tweet actress Yvette Nicole Brown posted about having to show up to set with her hair already done or with a wig or clip-ins for fear of the production not having a hairstylist experienced in dealing with the unique properties of African America hair.
  • The actress’ tweet is part of a larger movement to get Hollywood to have more hairstylists with expertise in the area.
  • Williams then pivoted to Tucker Carlson — before being sure to make it known she doesn’t agree with what he says.
  • “I don’t know what system that is on the top of his head…” she said.
  • “And his hair gets bigger and thicker with every episode,” she joked.
  • Carlson has been facing a new controversy about 10-year-old audio of him making demeaning comments about women and child rape.