After initial splash, TalkTV’s ratings are hitting rock bottom

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TalkTV and “Piers Morgan Uncensored” have plummeted in the ratings after an explosive premiere.

After initially drawing in over 300,000 viewers on average, the channel’s signature show featuring Piers Morgan has lost about 80% of its audience, sinking to 62,000 viewers.

“The News Desk,” meanwhile, registered a zero in the ratings. Like in U.S. ratings systems, British shows can technically record no viewers, though this typically does not mean there was no one watching — it just means that viewership was so small it wasn’t enough to register statistically based on the various algorithms and models ratings companies use to determine audience size.

To be sure, however, registering zero viewers is rarely a good sign, especially for one of a network’s primary offerings.

Meanwhile, “The Talk” featuring Sharon Osbourne, who previously appeared on a U.S. based show of the same name, is only getting around 10,000 viewers, though she only was on set in the U.K. for three broadcasts before having to fly to Los Angeles to be with her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, after he was hit with COVID-19.

She has since been brought into the show remotely.

Initially, the network gleefully announced that it was outperforming all other British news channels, including stalwarts BBC News and Sky News as well as GB News, a service that also recently entered the market.

GB News initially delivered extremely low ratings, but has seen a bit of an increase as it reshuffled talent and shifted directions. It still isn’t a standout in the ratings, but it appears to be outperforming TalkTV in at least some timeslots given the latter’s zero viewers tally.

Morgan’s show also airs on the Fox Nation streaming service, but ratings data for streaming services are typically not released to the public, though there are some third party companies that attempt to extrapolate analytics.