Teresa May’s ‘sound check guy’ captures the eyes (and hearts) of the world

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As U.K. prime minster Theresa May prepared to address the media in what turned out to be her resignation announcement, TV viewers and the Internet were captivated by a staffer who set up her lectern.

  • Shortly before the 10 a.m. local time announcement, a man in a black shirt brought out the wooden lectern and placed it in front of the familiar 10 Downing Street door.
  • He then stood behind the lectern and tested the audio, essentially serving as a stand in for May.
  • Social media was enamored by the handsome Brit and quickly began proposing that he take over as PM.
  • The main is identified by some media outlets as a “sound engineer,” while others are simply referring to him as a staffer at Number 10.
  • It’s not uncommon for technicians or other workers to stand behind lecterns or other live setups at press events to test both the audio and camera shots.
  • Often this is done as a courtesy to the media so they can test their equipment and connections, as well as adjust camera settings for what is often unpredictable lighting.
  • At events involving multiple speakers at separate lecterns, sound and video checks are often provided for each position, with a “stand in” playing the role of the politician, celebrity or speaker.