The big question about Newsy’s ‘The Day Ahead’ — ‘y’?

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Streaming network Newsy launched a new morning show, “The Day Ahead,” but the show’s pacing, format and content begs one big question — “y”?.

  • Newsy previously used the tagline “The news with the y,” a reference to its analysis and more indepth coverage.
  • The tagline is no longer actively used, with the network focusing more on providing general news video content.
  • “The Day Ahead,” produced out of a Chicago newsroom, has a series of forgettable hosts, many of which deliver headlines in a less than energetic format.
  • At its core, the idea is a good one — get people ready for the day head and preview the stores that will shape their day, but the executive needs a bit of work.
  • Overall, the show’s pacing is a bit slow and voiceovers and packages seem to run a bit on the longer side.
  • The show’s format is also a bit unusual for morning news programming — it doesn’t seem to have latched onto the idea that morning news viewers are busy and may not watch an entire broadcast, so faster paced content should be served up in shorter blocks.
  • There’s also no on-screen clutter — which could be a good or bad thing — but it also makes it tougher to get more information about to busy viewers.
  • While one watching an extended block of “The Day Ahead” would likely be well informed of what’s coming up in the news, this would also require them to invest at least 30 or even 60 minutes, rather than just a quick few minutes as they are heading out the door.
  • Instead, the program could better serve viewers streaming content on a commute or even at work.