The reason why ABC is airing ‘Jeopardy Greatest of all Time’ tournament

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While the “Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time” tournament is airing on ABC, the traditional “Jeopardy!” episodes are still airing on their normal stations.

  • The regular “Jeopardy!” series is a syndicated show, meaning it is sold to one station in each market (in some cases, two stations, usually corporate cousins, may air the show).
  • This means it can be on the NBC station in one market, a CBS in another and the ABC or other station in others.
  • In most major markets, the local ABC affiliate does carry “Jeopardy!” — thanks to a group deal with ABC owned stations.
  • This is also likely while ABC was selected to air the “Greatest of All Time” tournament during primetime.
  • In cities where the ABC affiliate carries the popular game show, the regular episodes and “GOAT” tournament will air on the same station.
  • However, in some markets, the primetime “GOAT” episodes will air on a different station.

It’s also worth noting that the “GOAT” episodes were taped in a single block in between the taping of normal episodes but using the same studio.

  • To give the “Greatest” tournament a unique feel, the show’s set was updated during taping of the special games.
  • However, the show’s normal episodes continue to air in most markets, so the set will appear to “revert” back to its normal look.
  • In reality, however, the set was modified only once for all the games needed to complete the “GOAT” tournament — and then restored for taping of normal games.