‘The Simpsons’ welcome synergy in Disney+ announcement video

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As part of a Disney+ announcement that the platform will be the exclusive streaming home for “The Simpsons,” Disney released a short animated “welcome” from the Simpson family.

  • The clip, posted to Disney social media, includes the Simpson family standing in front of their home with a “Welcome synergy” banner in the sky above.
  • Meanwhile, statues of Disney CEO Bob Iger and Darth Vader sit on the lawn while a portrait of Rupert Murdoch is poking out of the garbage can.
  • Homer Simpson then distributes mouse ears, which the family puts on — though Marge’s iconic blue hairstyle can’t quite contain it, leading to a camera from Dumbo.
  • The baby of the family, Maggie, disappears midway through the clip — but takes on the role of Tinkerbell at the end of the clip.
  • “The Simpsons” airs on the Fox Network, which is owned by Fox Corp., the new company formed to hold the assets that 21st Century Fox did not sell to Disney, but the show is produced and distributed by Disney owned assets, hence its inclusion on the Disney streaming platform.
  • Through its 21st Century Fox acquisition, Disney also became majority shareholder in Hulu, but has opted not to offer the popular animated series there.