The Weather Channel revamps, renames morning program

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The Weather Channel has rebranded its morning program.

Known as “AMHQ” since March 17, 2014, the show is now being billed under the name “America’s Morning Headquarters.”

The name “AMHQ” debuted when the network hired Sam Champion away from ABC News to helm its new morning program alongside Mike Bettes, Maria LaRosa, news anchor Anaridis Rodriguez and Stephanie Abrams.

Jim Cantore and Jennifer Delgado later replaced Bettes and LaRosa and Champion, despite his high profile hiring, left the show Oct. 15, 2015, after about a year and half on the show, but remained with the network as a contributor.

He would eventually leave the network in December 2016.

In the new incarnation of the morning show, Alex Wallace and Jen Carfagno will anchor from 6 to 7 a.m. eastern and then again from 10 to noon with Cantore, Abrams and Jordan Steele anchoring between 7 to 10 a.m.

The network is also adding more educational segments and expanding the show by two hours.

With the new name, the show retains some elements of its previous name. The “AM” part of the old name is derived from the Latin phrase “ante meridiem,” or “before midday,” which is a common away to refer to the morning or morning hours, especially in countries that don’t use 24 hour time.

“HQ” was short for “headquarters” which is now spelled out in the name of the program. It’s also worth noting that “AM” could alternatively be read as shortened form of “America’s.”

In official announcements of the new show, The Weather Channel used standard title case, but some program guides are listing the show in all capital letters, though it’s not immediately clear why.

NBC News’ “Today” typically stylizes the show name in all capital letters in news releases and other official network material, but it typically appears with only a capital “T” on program guides.