There’s something missing from Disney+ originals

Observant streamers have noticed that Disney+ original programs lack a distinct feature from other streamers’ originals.

  • Disney+ original programming, such as “The Mandalorian,” notably lack an opening credits sequences or open.
  • While the series does include a brief opening title card, there’s no opening sequence or credits.
  • TV shows, including streaming ones, often include a short (or longer) sequence near the start of each episode listing the star names and key members of the crew.
  • Often these sequences are accompanied by video clips or animations and some may even introduce who’s who on the cast or a “backstory” that first time viewers may need to understand the plot.
  • Opening credits are also often accompanied by a musical number, whether a song borrowed from an existing recording or original music composed just for the show.
  • Show opens can range from simple to complex — and there’s often quite a bit of attention paid to them. Some open title designs are full of hidden and abstract messages and some shows have even used them to hide hidden messages about the plot while others have become almost as iconic as the show itself.
  • It’s also not uncommon for traditional shows to switch up their opens from season to season — either via a complete redesign or by changing out the clips featured, as well as accommodating any cast changes.
  • Netflix’s shows almost always feature a standard opening credit sequence with music, credits and on-screen visuals, though it does offer viewers the chance to skip the open.
  • Disney+ programming that was not originally produced for the streaming service typically keep whatever opening credits or titles were in the original film or TV episode.