This crowdfunded device claims to help you ‘avoid’ commercials

TVOOT, which is currently raising funds to launch on Kickstarter, is combining social and interactive aspects of watching TV with a way to “avoid” commercials.

  • The device, which includes an app and also works with Alexa, lets you “watch” TV with friends and interact during the shows.
  • It can also alert you of breaking news, sports and other “must see” TV events.
  • Perhaps more interesting, however, is that the app claims to be able to tell when a commercial break starts.
  • When it does, it will switch to another channel that’s not currently in a break.
  • Then, once the break on the first channel you were watching ends, you’ll be automatically returned to it.
  • According to the Kickstarter page, knowing when commercial breaks begin and end is based on crowd-sourced technology.
  • Click here to see TVOOT’s Kickstarter page.
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