This production director wanted logo signage for his control room — but was in for a big surprise

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It seems like a simple enough idea — add some logo signage throughout your workspace — but Imry Halevi, assistant director of athletics, multimedia and production at Harvard University found out the hard way it’s pretty pricey.

  • Halevi tweeted photos that show photos of his department’s control room and workspaces with red circles presumably indicating where he wanted to install logos.
  • From his tweet, it appears Halevi got a quote on the cost of such custom 3D acrylic signage — only to find out it, as he put it, “costs pretty much the same” as broadcast gear.
  • It’s a common enough request — many commercial television operations have logo signage in their control rooms.
  • That said, custom dimensional acrylic signage can be pretty pricey, as Halvei found out.
  • FWIW, a much less expensive option is vinyl or logos printed on large format self-adhesive stock.
  • Before the advent of HD, it wasn’t common for TV stations to print out logos on ink jet printers and tape them together on the wall to achieve the look of an expensive, custom decal.