This publisher says no Twitter for (most) of its employees for a week

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Digital publisher “Insider” is instituting a “Twitter ban” for almost all of its U.S. employees next week.

  • According to an internal memo announcing the “Great Twitter Ban,” there will be some exceptions to the ban.
  • However, most employees cannot have Twitter or Tweetdeck open at their desks — or phones.
  • Employees are also banned from tweeting during work hours.
  • Journalists are also prohibited from pitching stories they hear on Twitter.
  • Insider cites how Twitter can become an “echo chamber” and “crutch” for journalists.
  • However, the company is making a few exceptions.
  • First, its official Twitter accounts will still post updates and links to content.
  • Select editors will also be permitted to monitor Twitter for breaking news.
  • However, as the memo puts it, “we don’t need all 80 of you watching Tweetdeck for news.”
  • Staffers can also get “exceptions” from their supervisors if they are working on a story that requires the use of Twitter.
  • In addition, if the ban will “materially” affect their work, staffers can also voice their concerns and “apply” for an exception.