Trump rambles to press after storming out of meeting with Democrats

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Despite running on over 70 days without an official on camera press briefing from his administration, Donald Trump took time out today to call out Democratic leaders after walking out of what was supposed to be bipartisan meeting.

  • Trump abruptly left a meeting with Democrats on infrastructure, a meeting he previously committed to.
  • The meeting centered around $2 trillion in infrastructure plan that both Trump and Congressional Democrats agreed to pursue last month.
  • After leaving the meeting, Trump headed to the Rose Garden where reporters were gathered.
  • He delivered a rambling critique of Democratic and looped back to the Mueller investigation.
  • On the lectern in front of him was a prepared sign reading his favorite line of “no collusion” and “no obstruction” and citing the “$35+ million” cost of the Mueller investigation.
  • The sign also included a reference to “18 angry Democrats.”
  • The sign conveniently left out the 34 indictments and multiple prison sentences and fines levied against people, including many close to Trump himself, as a result of the probe.
  • Sen. Chuck Schumer noted that Trump’s plan to storm out of the meeting appeared to have been pre-planned — given that the Rose Garden was set up for an on-camera event with the sign ready.
  • After his statement, Trump did not respond to the numerous shouted questions at him.