Trump’s ‘MAGA’ rally brings out CNN trolls

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During Donald Trump’s rally in Charlotte, N.C., the CNN trolls were out in force.

At various points during the rally, “CNN sucks” chants could be heard. However, multiple journalists also noted that despite the animosity toward the network (and the media in general), many attendees were also cordial to the CNNers.

A Twitter user identifying as “John F. Marion” tweeted a photo of CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter working in the press pen — along with the “Fake news here in charlotte (sic).”

Later, however, Marion, waring a “Make America Great Again” hat, snapped a selfie with Stelter and posted it with the text “Good to see you @brianstelter … CNN still sux tho (sic).”

Charlotte Observer reporter Tim Funk tweeted this photo of an attendee wearing a T-shirt with a cartoon image, which appears to be inspired by the comic strip Calvin & Hobbs, urinating on the CNN logo.