Tucker Carlson appears to acknowledge he’s not vaccinated against COVID-19

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For months, it’s been unclear whether Fox host Tucker Carlson is vaccinated against COVID-19 — but it appears we now know the answer to that question.

Carlson, speaking at an event at a California church in April 2022, discussed the second booster shot.

“I skipped the first three, I’m not getting that one either,” he said. The audience reportedly erupted in applause.

The venue, Awaken Church, is an evangelical organization that has allegedly flouted pandemic restrictions.

Carlson himself has been a fount of inaccurate and misleading information about the COVID-19 vaccine — even questioning it before it was widely available.

Meanwhile, Carlson’s employer, Fox Corp., tightened its vaccine policy in late 2021 — removing the option to “test out” of getting the vaccine by undergoing weekly testing.

The company announced it would require all of its New York-based employees to get at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by Dec. 27, 2021, following a city rule that requires all on-site staffers to be vaccinated.

It’s worth noting that even as the right-wing cable network’s hosts criticized “vaccine mandates” and “vaccine passports” its own parent company was tracking vaccination status and requiring unvaccinated employees to be tested, which is considered the equivalent of a “mandate” and “passport” program.

The NYC and Fox’s mandates do allow for medical or religious exemptions.

Assuming that Carlson’s statement about not being vaccinated is true and that he was not granted an exception for religious or medical reasons, he would technically be in violation of the mandate if he entered Fox facilities in New York for his hosting duties.

He has a workaround to that though: The network built him a studio at property he owns in Maine where he frequently broadcasts both “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and “Tucker Carlson Today” from.

“Morning Joe” co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, who have both spoke out in support of COVID-19 vaccines, have a similar setup at a property in Florida, but they have also broadcast from MSNBC’s main studios in New York City since the mandate went into affect. Both have acknowledged they are vaccinated.

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