Turns out ‘The View’ co-hosts got ‘false positive’ coronavirus tests

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After two positive COVID-19 tests forced two hosts on “The View” to be pulled off the set live ahead of a planned in studio interview with Vice President Kamala Harris, the show announced the tests were actually false positives.

On Friday, Sept. 24, 2021, co-host Sunny Hostin and guest co-host Ana Navarro were both asked to exit the studio right before an interview with Harris was scheduled to begin.

The show went to a break and then returned saying that Hostin and Navarro had both received positive COVID-19 tests and the show was taking steps to isolate them from the rest of the hosts, the crew, Harris and the audience.

The show had to continue vamping with audience Q&A as the U.S. Secret Service was likely scrambling behind the scenes to determine the best option for Harris’ safety. She ultimately ended up appearing live for an abbreviated interview from an alternate location.

However, on Sept. 27, 2021’s show, Joy Behar announced that Hostin and Navarro, who were both back on set, had actually experienced a “false positive” result on their tests.

It wasn’t immediately clear what test was used, but it’s likely Harris’ security team had coordinated with ABC to have the co-hosts tested close to showtime — which means the tests could have been as little as 15 minutes beforehand.

However, these rapid tests can be less accurate — and it appears that was the case here — but it’s also likely the White House is being extra cautious with people around Harris and other top Biden administration officials.

Both Hostin and Navarro have been vaccinated, Behar noted.

Executive producer Brian Teta also apologized on air for the confusion and for inadvertently revealing potentially sensitive health information about co-hosts to the public without any notice.

Behar also noted on Monday’s show that the entire team had undergone multiple additional tests since Friday, all of them returning negative results.

“The View” is requiring its audience and off air team members to be vaccinated and masked.

Hosts, who qualify as “performers” under protocols arranged with New York City and union officials, do not have to wear masks while on air.

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