TV doctors team up to pay tribute to coronavirus health workers in video for #FirstRespondersFirst campaign

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Actors who play or have played doctors have teamed up to create a video thanking health care workers battling the coronavirus pandemic.

Actress Olivia Wilde, who played Remy Hadley (better known as “Thirteen”) on the Fox medical drama “House,” posted the resulting video on Instagram TV that includes a call to donate to the #FirstRespondersFirst effort.

The video includes clips of Patrick Dempsey (Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd on “Grey’s Anatomy), Neil Patrick Harris (the titular character on “Doogie Howser, M.D.”), Zach Braff (John Michael “J.D.” Dorian on “Scrubs”).

Other names include Freddie Highmore (Shaun Murphy on “The Good Doctor”), Lisa Edelstein (Lisa Cuddy on “House”), Omar Epps (Dennis Gant on “ER” and Eric Foreman on “House”), Kal Penn (Lawrence Kutner on “House”), Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”), Julianna Margulies (Carol Hathaway on “ER”), Sarah Chalke (Elliot Reid on “Scrubs”) among others.

In the post, which coincided with World Health Day, Wilde offers “elbow bumps” to her “favorite fake docs.”

Some of these actors have also appeared in a Cigna campaign “TV Doctors of America.”

That campaign featured Alan Alda (“M*A*S*H”), Dempsey, Noah Wyle (“ER”), Edelstein and Donald Faison (“Scubs”) in a tongue in cheek spot that acknowledged they were “fake” doctors but encouraging Americans to visit their doctor for a yearly checkup.