Viewer complains Jeff Glor makes ‘editorial comments’ by labeling a reporter’s work as ‘exceptional’

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CBS Evening News” anchor Jeff Glor responded to a tweet from a viewer complaining about when he praises a reporter’s work on air.

  • The Twitter user, who goes by the name Cynthia Engdal, labeled Glor’s praise as “editorial comments.”
  • She further pointed out that she is “quite capable of deciding if a a specific reporters (sic) coverage is ‘exceptional’.”
  • “I don not require, nor do I need your help. Thank you.” she concluded.
  • Glor replied to the tweet saying “When people risk their lives to bring us important stories I’m going to keep thanking them.”
  • He added “But I do appreciate the note and thank you for watching.”
  • Engdal’s complaint is similar to one a viewer left on WGN’s voicemail in 2018 — though the station’s response was a bit more clever.