W.V. reporter gets hit by vehicle during live shot, forges ahead with report

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A Charleston, West Virginia, reporter was hit by a car during a live shot — and still managed to continue on with her report.

Tori Yorgey, who is spending her last week on air at WSAZ before heading to WTAE in Pittsburgh, was reporting on a water main break when a vehicle appeared to hit both her and her camera.

“That’s a first for you on TV, Tori,” said the anchor after the incident took place just after he tossed to her in the field.

The strike appeared to be fairly minor, since Yorgey was able to pull herself back together and continue reporting.

Before going back to the story, however, she noted that she and the driver were both OK while also trying to answer the anchor’s query about where on her body she had been hit.

Given how fast everything happened Yorgey admitted she wasn’t sure and asked a bystander if he happened to notice, but the issue didn’t appear to get cleared up.

She also noted that the water main break was likely the reason she was hit — with repair crews on the scene detouring traffic around the affected area, the lay of the land can become a bit confusing for drivers.

It appears Yorgey was working as a “one person band,” because there was apparently no camera operator available to help her get things set up back to continue her report.

Her selection of a standup spot, which she admitted on camera might not have been the safest option, was likely also hindered by the confusion of re-routed traffic patterns.

Yorgey called the driver of the vehicle “sweet” and noted that it was an accident.