Washington Post buys Super commercial — and uses it to honor journalists

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The Washington Post aired its first ever Super Bowl ad Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019, during Super Bowl LIII.

  • The one minute spot aired during the fourth quarter of the game.
  • Mark Woollen and Associates worked with the Post to produce the commercial.
  • Actor Tom Hanks narrated the spot, which focused on the power of journalism and honored journalists Austin Tice, Marie Colvin and Jamal Khashoggi, the later of which worked for the Washington Post.
  • In addition, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Fox’s Brett Baier also made appearances in the ad.
  • The Post is owned by Jeff Bezos, founder and owner of Amazon, but is not owned directly by Amazon, which had two other ads during the game.
  • There’s no word how much The Post paid for the spot or how it was funded.
  • The generally reported price for 30 seconds of advertising during the Super Bowl was about $5 million.
  • However, the price the post paid could have varied given its placement in the broadcast and the fact it bought 60 seconds.