Watch Sean Hannity call media ‘fake news’ at Trump rally

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Despite a tweet earlier in the day claiming he would not go on stage with Donald Trump at a Cape Girardeau, Missouri, rally, Sean Hannity backtracked on his words and did just that — and also managed to insult the entire press pool.

  • After Trump called Hannity up on stage, Hannity claimed he wasn’t expecting Trump to do that, despite the fact Trump’s campaign issued a press release saying Hannity would be a “special guest.”
  • Earlier in the day, Hannity posted a vehement denial that he would participate in the rally — instead stating he would be hosting a live show from the rally and interviewing Trump.
  • Hannity then said “by the way, all those people in the back are ‘fake news’,” referring to the news pool in the back of the room (including the very camera that was capturing him).
  • At least one camera pulled out to show Trump’s reaction, who was making a “brushing off” motion but grinning.
  • Hannity wasn’t the only Fox News personality to come on stage — Jeanine Pirro also spoke during the rally.