Watch this journalist report in six different languages for outlets around the globe from Kiev

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Associated Press correspondent Philip Crowther has garnered considerable attention after he tweeted a combination of clips showing him reporting for various news organizations around the world in six different languages.


The clip shows him delivering reports from Kiev in English, Luxembourgish, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German on the escalating tension between Ukraine and Russia. Each broadcaster’s graphics are also depicted in the corresponding language.

Crowther is an international affiliate correspondent for the Associated Press, which means he’s available to provide live and taped reports for member outlets.

Affiliate correspondents are often sent to the scene of major stories and then provide live, “look live” or taped reports for member networks, often customized for each one. This is way to share the cost and logistics of dispatching a reporter to a story.

The Associated Press provides this service to its members, while the major U.S. networks also have their own services that their affiliated stations can access.

In some of the clips, Crowther appears on air holding a microphone with a specific media outlet’s logo. This is a common practice among affiliate correspondents, who often travel with an impressive collection of mic flags and covers that have to be switched out between each hit or report.

Unseen to viewers, there often there’s a collection of flags and covers littering the ground around the correspondent as one is tossed aside in favor of another. There have also been reports of these reporters scrambling to find the right logo just seconds before a live hit.