Watch this news reporter try to stand in a 112 mph winds

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You know those infamous shots of news reporters standing in hurricane winds? Well, you don’t even need a real hurricane to achieve that.

  • NBC News correspondent Kristen Dahlgren traveled to the University of Maryland.
  • There, she entered the school’s Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel, which is used for a variety of research applications.
  • She worked her way up through a tropical storm and Category 1 winds to a Category 3’s 112 mph ones.
  • At that point, the university wouldn’t even let her go stay in the tunnel for safety reasons.
  • She appeared to be strapped down to the ground and could barely stand up.
  • By Category 3 winds, the network also had to subtitle her because of the amount of wind sheer.
  • NBC was clear that the clips were a simulation — though an accurate representation of wind speeds.