Wendy Williams announces a return date to her talk show

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Syndicated daytime talk show host Wendy Williams has announced she will return to her show March 4, 2019.

  • The date, which was was announced by guest co-host Carla Hall on Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019’s edition of the show, has been the first time the show has gone on record with a return date since her absence was extended indefinitely.
  • Before that, her return date was announced and then passed without her return, so producers decided this time to err on the side caution.
  • In her absence, much of it during February sweeps, the show has been using a combination of reruns, guest solo hosts include Nick Cannon and panel-style “hot talker” formats such as the one Hall was part of Thursday.
  • Williams has reportedly been recovering from a shoulder injury as well as complications from Grave’s Disease.
  • Other reports, however, speculate her absence could be do to a relapse in her well publicized substance abuse problems or personal issues with her husband and producing partner Kevin Hunter Sr., though neither of these have ever been confirmed.
  • Williams, whose legal last name is Hunter, has repeatedly announced that her absences were solely due to medical issues.
  • It’s likely that producers are pretty certain Williams has recovered enough from whatever issues she was facing to give a solid return date — which is notably still a week away.
  • Meanwhile, there have been reports of behind the scenes grumblings about Williams’ absences, with reports surfacing that she and Hunter were longer being kept informed of key decisions about the show and that some staffers wanted her to be replaced.