‘Wendy Williams’ has to call in a substitute host for its guest host after Sherri Shepard has appendix removed

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Sherri Shepard, who was scheduled to fill in as guest host on “The Wendy Williams Show” as the show’s namesake host battles health issues has been forced to call in sick herself.

Shepard underwent emergency surgery for appendicitis Sunday, Dec. 12, 2021, and was unable to host Monday, Dec. 13, 2021.

Instead, Michael Rapaport, who has guest hosted previously, was brought in as a substitute for the substitute and the show aired a new, live episode as planned.

Shepard, however, made a speedy recovery and appeared on Dec. 14, 2021, meaning she’ll have missed only one show.

In the open, Shepard walked out onto the set and was seen dancing to the music, seemingly indicative that she is healing well after the surgery.

Recovery time from appendectomies varies, but is typically much less if the procedure is performed laparoscopically and thereby preventing have to fully open the abdomen. It’s not immediately clear what route Shepard’s doctors took.

The show’s normal host, Wendy Williams, has not appeared on Season 13 at all amid reports that she is suffering from complications from Graves’ Disease. Other reports have mentioned mental health issues, though those have not been confirmed by the show.

Debmar-Mercury, the show’s production company, postponed the debut of the show in hopes Williams could recover, but eventually ended up moving ahead with guest hosts instead.

Many of the guest hosts, including Shepard, have been big hits with fans, with some even helping the show reach higher ratings than when Williams was in her famous purple chair.

“Wendy” is renewed through the end of its current season and there’s been no word on renewal. Some reports indicate Williams not return to the show or, if she does, will end the show after it completes its current season.

Nick Cannon’s freshman talker, also produced by Debmar-Mercury, could be a replacement for “Wendy” and fans are also suggesting that one or more of the guest hosts for Williams should get their own show.