What’s behind this Twitter exchange between a former ABC reporter and her ex-colleague?

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It all started out fairly innocent — NBC News correspondent Andrea Canning took a swipe at former employer ABC News for airing a rerun of a “20/20” report she did three years ago when working for the network.

  • She then encouraged viewers to switch over to “Dateline” on NBC, her new employer.
  • ABC reporter Jim Avila spotted the tweet and jumped in with “That sounds a little desperate.”
  • Canning fired back with “Watch yourself.”
  • Avila’s response was “Or ???”
  • That’s when Canning fired back with “I’m pretty sure you don’t want me saying anything else. Time to block you and move on. #InternationalWomenDay (sic) #metoo.”
  • Avila didn’t respond to that and it’s not immediately clear why Canning opted to use the #MeToo hashtag with her response along with her message about blocking him.
  • NBC and ABC have not responded for requests for comment.

  • At least one Twitter user thought Canning’s use of “#MeToo” was interesting.