While other networks were covering bomb news, Fox was worrying about the caravan

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Fox News Channel was the last of the major cable news networks to report on an arrest in the pipe bombing case — instead choosing to cover the so-called “caravan” of people, mostly from Honduras, headed toward the U.S. border.

At 11:05 a.m. eastern, host Sandra Smith interrupted colleague Chris Wallace, who was providing commentary on the case, with news of an arrest.

At around the same time CNN and MSNBC were reporting the news of an arrest and person being questioned, respectively, Fox was covering the news that additional mail bombs had been discovered.

The network then tossed to a break, returning to air at 11 a.m. with brief coverage of the additional bombs before, somewhat awkwardly, switching gears to discuss the the caravan.

After a report from William La Jeunesse, the network switched back to the mail bomb before reporting eventually, at 11:05 a.m., reporting the news of an arrest in the case.