Yes, Fox did air a graphic showing Donald Trump as ‘greatest threat to world peace’

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In early January 2020, a meme began circulating showing that Fox’s conservative commentary channel aired a graphic showing that the Germans polled consider Donald Trump a greater threat to world peace than other high profile world powers.

  • The graphic actually aired Dec. 27, 2019 during “Fox & Friends First.”
  • The poll was covered by other news outlets at the time.
  • The graphic, as aired, does indeed show that Trump ranks significantly high on the “greatest threat to world peace” poll conduced by YouGov in Germany in late 2019.
  • North Korea’s Kim Jong Un ranked next at 17%, with Iran’s Ali Khamenei and Russia’s Vladimir Putin tied at 8% and China’s Xi Jinping at 7%.
  • Note that the responses in the Fox graphic were from German residents polled.
  • However, YouGov has also conducted similar polls on Americans across every age range, with similar results.
  • The poll was, notably, also conducted before Trump’s drone attack that killed an Iranian leader in Iraq and sparked tensions between the Middle East and the U.S.

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