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Facebook updates iOS app icon

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After unveiling a new logo and brand standards, Facebook updated its ubiquitous iOS app icon.

  • The new icon features the “f logo,” as the company refers to it — but only the letter.
  • The update was included in version 222.0 of the app that was released in the iOS App Store May 8, 2019.
  • The letter has also been moved to the center of the icon, instead offset to the right.
  • In addition, the new brighter shade of blue has been added.
  • However, it notably does not move it inside of a circle, like the official brand standards call for.
  • This could be, however, because iOS icons are squares with rounded corners.
  • In addition, Facebook could have plans to use the circular version of the logo, inset inside of the square space, in a later rollout, to get users familiar to the new look slowly.
  • This seems to be the case within the version of the app that Facebook rolled out shortly after announcing its new look — the full “Facebook” logotype is still used, in the lighter shade of blue, despite the brand standards indication that the full name is meant only for referring to the company as a whole (and should remain in the darker blue).
  • It takes this approach to many of its apps — including Messenger and Workplace.
  • Meanwhile, on WatchOS,