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Sears’ new logo looks like Airbnb’s

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Sears (yes they actually still exist) unveiled a new logo design — that is strikingly similar to a much-derided one introduced by Airbnb.

  • The new logo is essentially the company’s old lowercase sans serif logo with a weird teal thing that looks sort of a like a deformed paper clip next to it.
  • Below it, in some lockups, is the tagline “Making moments matter” in another sans serif.
  • The odd new shape is meant to represent “both home and heart,” according to the company.
  • It “conveys motion through an infinity loop, reminiscent of one getting their arms around both home and life.”
  • What the company doesn’t point out, but the Internet was fast to note, is that it looks a lot like the Airbnb logo introduced in July 2014.
  • At the same, Airbnb’s logo was widely derided for looking like certain portions of the female anatomy so there are also plenty of comparisons to Sears’ logo and the area Donald Trump likes to grab women by as well.
  • Sears’ logo has gone from a solid, stocky look to a “softer side” over the years — and this odd addition seems to continue that trend.