Wendy Williams posts update on new Instagram account

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Talk show host Wendy Williams made her first contact with fans in months via a video posted to her new Instagram account — and said she’s still planning on “get on down” with her namesake show in the future.

The video, which was shot by her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., shows her walking along the beach somewhere in the Miami area, where she is living.

In the clip, she reveals she’s spending her days working out, getting out patient “holistic” treatments and other wellness activities. She also spends time talking on the phone with family and friends, checking in on business matters and spending time with her son, who is sharing an apartment with her in Miami.

The video was posted to a new Instagram account, @therealwendywilliamsonline, that her rep confirmed is a new, personal account for her to share content with fans. It’s distinct from her show’s account, @wendyshow. The handle @wendywilliams does not appear to be an active Instagram account but the username is also listed as being unavailable.

The account was later “verified” by Instagram, presumably meaning the social network reached out to her reps to confirm the account is being managed by her or her camp.

Some fans noted that Williams referred to herself as “56” in the clip, when she is known to be 57, leading some to question the age of the clip itself. A rep later told HuffPost that Williams had misspoken.

Williams hasn’t been seen on her syndicated daytime talk show since the end of Season 12 in July 2021 and never on Season 13.

She’s reportedly battling a mix of physical and mental health issues, including complications from Graves’ Disease. Williams appears to acknowledge at least some of those reports by saying “Everybody’s got issues, don’t they?”

There have been flurry of reports, some contradictory, about her health. There was reportedly an emergency trip to the hospital for mental health concerns and her brother at one point claimed she was showing signs of dementia.

Meanwhile, her bank accounts at Wells Fargo have reportedly been frozen and she’s accused her now former financial adviser Lori Schiller for the bank getting wind that she is “incapacitated,” at least in the legal sense, and couldn’t manage her financial affairs.

The post comes days after her attorney and reps released a statement and photos of her watching the Super Bowl and standing in a kitchen while also strongly denying the accusations of her being “unsound,” saying the accusation comes from a disgruntled ex-employee. The statement also urges her bank to free up her funds so she can pay personal expenses.

Back in New York, production of her talk show is continuing with multiple guest hosts filling in. A fan favorite, Sheri Shepard, is reportedly in talks to become the “permanent” guest host for the rest of the season following reports that Williams won’t be back for Season 13.

Shepard may also end up taking over the show entirely, presumably with a new name, if Williams can’t return by the fall of 2022.