ABC News teams with Disney owned publisher for a look back at its 75 year history

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ABC News has published a book taking a look at its 75 year history.

Titled “ABC News: 75 Years in the Making,” the book was released June 1, 2021 and appears to be linked to the date June 15, 1945, which is commonly listed as the founding date of ABC News.

That would actually make 2021 the 76th anniversary of the division.

Published by Hyperion, which is part of ABC parent Disney, the book features a forward by “ABC World News Tonight” anchor David Muir and is packed with photos and text showcasing the history of the network, albeit an “authorized” version of it.

The book has a sticker price of $50, but is priced at $45 on Amazon as of this writing.

This isn’t the first book to take a look at the history of ABC News.

The House That Roone Built,” a reference to the late former president Roone Arledge, was published in 1994 and takes a look at the history up until that point, which included a pivotal time in the history that included installing the late Peter Jennings as sole anchor of “World News Tonight.”

Anchors” also includes significant sections devoted to the history and current, at least as of 1990, state of ABC News and, in particular, Jennings.