ABC planning ‘cast from the past’ week

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ABC is bringing back popular cast members from both classic and more recent shows for appearance in its current lineup of programming.

So, why aren’t many of the actors playing their original characters?

  • When planning this week, it could have been tempting to want to include all of the actors playing a character they’re well known for rather than a role that’s been created for a single appearance.
  • However, having characters appear on other shows can lead to issues with intellectual property.
  • Typically the creator of the show or production company owns the “rights” to the character and using them in another show would require an agreement between the two and, in some case, a fee for using the character’s name and personality.
  • This is sometimes simpler to handle if the shows share a production company and network, but it’s also not always clear cut.
  • Besides the legal issues, casting actors known for a certain role in something completely opposite can often providing very entertainment results — not mention to get them to show their flexibility as a performer.