ABC’s Jonathan Karl calls out Tucker Carlson for ‘plagiarizing’ Putin’s propoganda

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl has joined a growing number of people who have noted Fox’s Tucker Carlson appears to be “plagiarizing” from Vladimir Putin, by echoing many of the Russian leader’s talking points and propoganda.

Appearing on MSNBC’sDeadline: White House” March 10, 2022, Karl pointed out Carlson’s March 9, 2022, show opener contained phrasing that was “almost word for word” of what Putin has said. He noted that he’s seen this happening for several years.

Other media watchers have noted that Carlson, who hosts “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox’s conservative cable network, has favored echoing Putin’s messaging on Ukraine for a while now.

Carlson most recently claimed that the U.S. has been manufacturing chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine, which is a common line pushed by the Kremlin.

Fox’s own Jennifer Griffin, appearing later on March 10’s “Hannity,” contradicted that claim, noting that, while the U.S. does have laboratory facilities in Ukraine, they are not secret and do not produce bioweapons.

Karl also called out Carlson for propagating the line that the U.S. somehow encouraged Russia to invade Ukraine, another favorite line of Putin’s. There is no evidence to support such claims.