Biden address registers over 29 million viewers

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

President Joe Biden’s first primetime address in office drew more than 18.2 million viewers across the major U.S. broadcast networks, according to revised numbers from Nielsen.

18.2 million people watched the speech on ABC, CBS, NBC or Fox — rising to over 29 million when Spanish-language Telemundo and Univision and cable news network ratings were added.

Preliminary data showed ABC to have scraped out a win for the speech — with 6.24 million viewers. CBS followed with 6.2 million, however.

Fox’s right leaning cable channel had 4 million viewers, meaning that while its sometimes snarky coverage didn’t win the ratings race, still shows a significant number of its viewers tuned in.

Those ratings represent a win of about 1 million viewers over predecessor Donald Trump’s first primetime address in August 2017.

The figures above to not include streaming or online viewers.