Don Lemon reportedly blew up at this ‘CNN This Morning’ co-anchor

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CNN This Morning” co-anchor Don Lemon reportedly screamed at another host after a December 2022 broadcast, reports The New York Post.

Sources tell the Post that Lemon reportedly had a verbal tirade aimed at co-anchor Kaitlan Collins off-camera. She reportedly fled the studio after the incident.

According to the sources, he was apparently mad about Collins “interrupting” him while on camera.

Lemon came to “This Morning” from anchoring “Don Lemon Tonight” — a role where he was the sole anchor and some speculate it could be hard for him to get used to working with others.

CNN executives reportedly have encouraged Lemon to allow more free-flowing conversations while on air.

After the incident, CNN CEO Chris Licht reportedly became involved and encouraged Lemon to take the next day off to allow things to settle down.

Both Lemon and Collins have been spending more time away from each other in the time that followed — often dispatched to other locales.

Collins has joined the show remotely from Washington, D.C., where she was previously based, while both have been sent to the scenes of major news stories.

There was not mention of how Poppy Harlow, the show’s other co-anchor, is getting along with Lemon and Collins off-camera, though the network has gone to great lengths to market the trio as friends.

CNN has been quick to point out that Collins is officially the show’s primary correspondent as well — and the idea was always to send her or other anchors into the field for major news stories.

Reps for CNN and the anchors did not respond to the Post’s requests for comment.

The network is reportedly at work building a new set for the show in its New York headquarters.

Meanwhile, the network is also reportedly renovating space in the building to accommodate a new dayside format that will allow on-air talent to interact with the newsgathering process and use technology to enhance storytelling.