NBC is bringing back this digital experience for the midterms

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NBC News Digital has brought back the popular “Election Confessions,” a digital project that asks users to anonymously admit their election fears, concerns, hopes, dreams and deepest darkest political secrets.

  • Previously, NBC News received over 500,000 submissions to the project during the 2016 elections.
  • NBC News Think asked people: Are you looking forward to the midterm elections? Do you plan to vote? Are you excited about the potential change the midterms could initiate? Do you have any clue who the candidates are in your district? Through an online survey and in-person handwritten messages, we received thousands of stories from around the country from men and women of different ages working in a variety of professions.
  • Submitted electronically via NBCNews.com/electionconfessions or at various events throughout 2018, including the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin and at POLITICON in Los Angeles where attendees visited the Election Confessions ‘voting booths,’ people have submitted thousands of responses. NBC News and NBC News THINK editors are collating and sharing the responses on the NBC News Digital Election Confessions page.
  • NBC News and MSNBC anchors are reading many of the responses on air leading up to election day.

Some responses so far have included:

  • “For generations now, each side will go for the throat instead of working together. Voting is the least I can do.”
  • “I blindly voted without any reading or research for the first 12 years. I know better now.”
  • “This is my first midterm to vote. I am 56. I also registered my 18-year-old daughter. My wife. My mother. And my stepfather. We are all votingDemocrat. That’s five extra votes Dems didn’t have last midterm. I can’t wait to get rid of our Republican congressmen!”
  • “Literally the only reason I’m voting is because of Kavanaugh. I was horrified that they ran his name through the mud with no evidence, and I’m afraid that in the era of #metoo anyone can come against me and ruin my life publicly with no evidence. This is my first time voting, and I am voting pretty much across the board Republican and I hope that Washington gets the message.”
  • “I have more anxiety about this election than any other before.”
  • “I’m worried the silent Trump supporters will show again and outnumber complacent Democrats.
  • “A lifelong Republican, I’m going to march into my voting booth and vote straight ticket Democrat.”
  • “I think a lot of commentators underestimate how angry women are. I believe, and hope, they vote in droves.”
  • “Been a Democrat all my life and will be voting red across the board this November. If you vote Democrat this year after all the BS that has been pulled and the far-left views that are spouted, then you have a serious character problem.”
  • “I have no clue what is going on LOL”
  • “My husband and I have been fighting nonstop since the 2016 election. Our physical and emotional health have suffered.”
  • “Knowing what we know now about meddling and interference on ballots, how can we ever have faith votes aren’t tampered with?”
  • “I was a lifelong Republican voter, since my first vote in 1972. I will never again vote for a Republican for any office. Ever.”
  • “People need to either do their damn job and vote or stop f-cking complaining.”